Roses Are Dead Broadway Inspired Song released internationally

From a woman who loved too much, to a man whose promises she cannot forget.

Director: RawwFilmmaker @TheRawwFilms254

Gaffer and Lighting: Gregory Kiwo

Art Department: Mary Kimanzi

Colored by: Noah Peterson

Edited by: RawwFilmmaker, Grace Wacuka

Producers: Grace Wacuka, Kui Ngunjiri

Executive producers: Grace Wacuka, Wajistan Films

Music Producer and Sound Engineer: SoFresh

Music arrangement: Grace Wacuka

Styling: Wambui Thimba

Makeup: @melangebyamondid

Hair Styling: @jony_hairdesigner

Cast: Grace Wacuka, Auudi Rowa, Emmanuel Mugo

Locations: Lava Latte, Lynke Film Studios, Spring Valley